[Tuesday: 3 September 2013 ]
Identifying a Research Supervisor

Selecting an appropriate supervisor is a key factor in establishing a successful research project that can be completed to an appropriate standard within an agreed timescale. Finding a suitable supervisor is argueably one of the more difficult aspects of beginning a research project and the information provided here is aimed at assisting you through this process in CIT.

It is recommended that you begin contacting potential supervisors as early as possible; a good rule of thumb is that you should have identified someone suitable to your field of investigation by the time you have completed the first draft of your research proposal. In this way your prospective supervisor may provide mentoring throughout the process of you writing your formal proposal; this may significantly reduce the time you need to invest in advance of the formal application stage.

To the right is a short list of research and supervision staff involved in creative practice and new media at CIT and this may provide a starting point in locating a supervisor for your specific research requirements. In the case that you do not identify someone here please don't hesitate to send us on an email as we may be able to link you with a supervisor that may not be represented here.

News & Activities

The Collaborative European Research Conference (CERC) - 26th-27th of April 2012 Darmstadt Germany.
CERC is the result of a long standing research cooperation between the Institute of Technology Cork, Ireland and the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany. CERC is supporting actively the activities of the EuTec consortium ....
See cerc-conf.eu for further details.


The Wandesford Quay Gallery operates as a showcase and publication space for art and design research activities. The full list of activities at the gallery can be found here.

Research Active Staff

If you are looking to identify a supervisor for your research project get a list of staff actively researching as part of formal research programmes and as part of their professional practice here.

The Crawford College of Art (CCAD) is a constituent school of the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) and creative arts research is supported by CIT through the CCAD.