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Research Degrees

Options for registration for Postgraduate research come in two forms. Internally or externally funded projects are publicly advertised and candidates are selected through an evaluation process typically consisting of application and interview. More information on generic sources of funding available for postgraduate study at CIT can be accessed here.

Self funded research projects on the other hand involve a different process starting with the candidate’s identification of appropriate supervisors. This is followed by the submission of a Research Project Description which is developed further through a mentoring process producing a formal research proposal and application that is then submitted for postgraduate student registration. Postgraduate research degrees may be completed in a minmum of 21 calendar months.

This website aims to assist potential candidates through the above processes in a structured step-by-step way offering advice in terms of: identifying appropriate supervisors that meet the requirements of your project proposal; by offering an informal mentoring process that assists you with the development of your formal proposal; and assisting you through the formal application process.

News & Activities

The Collaborative European Research Conference (CERC) - 26th-27th of April 2012 Darmstadt Germany.
CERC is the result of a long standing research cooperation between the Institute of Technology Cork, Ireland and the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany. CERC is supporting actively the activities of the EuTec consortium ....
See cerc-conf.eu for further details.


The Wandesford Quay Gallery operates as a showcase and publication space for art and design research activities. The full list of activities at the gallery can be found here.

Research Active Staff

If you are looking to identify a supervisor for your research project get a list of staff actively researching as part of formal research programmes and as part of their professional practice here.

The Crawford College of Art (CCAD) is a constituent school of the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) and creative arts research is supported by CIT through the CCAD.