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Tuesday, March 27th, 2012



Deirdre McLoughlin


A National Craft Gallery Touring Exhibition

31 March – 5 May


”Deirdre’s work has its origins in a fascinating dialogue with classical ceramic forms and functions, but it is as if the dialogue has moved on to a concern with the body as a kind of container, and her instinct for the contained void, for the tensions inherent in shape, is fantastic.”

Aidan Dunne

Deirdre McLoughlin is one of the finest sculptors to emerge from Ireland in the 20th century. Born and educated in Dublin, McLoughlin studied with Rosemary Andrews before moving to Japan to work amongst the Sodeisha artist group in Kyoto, and eventually establishing a studio there. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide, and she received the prestigous Westerwald Prize in 2004 and Cetificate of Honour at he 2007 World Ceramic Biennale in Korea.

McLoughlin’s work is coil-built in clay, and often extensively sanded and polished. Hand-building and firing closed, hollow forms is a very technically challenging process, and shows her mastery of materials and techniques.