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Tom Climent - MA Exhibition

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Tom Climent’s practice of art to date has been as a painter, primarily one who uses perspective in the creation of space, but also one of his interests has been in how art addresses the body in space. A painting could therefore could become a window connecting an inside with an outside. The devices of perspective and more abstract methods of reduction could create a pictorial surface which allows our bodily world in.

Tom has started with this new work to solidify this space which up to now he had created  two-dimensionally. By looking at a painting as an object, focusing on the actual physical structure
of a painting, the stretcher and canvas, this becomes a template for the creation of  a new body of work, one that contains the presence of structure, a container for being.


Opening on Culture Night, September 23rd, from 6:30.

Exhibition open until October 8th.

PARADOX - Urban Fabric Cork

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Paradox - the Fine Art European Forum’s Biennial Conference  - “Outside In–The Permeable Art School“, is being organised and hosted by CIT Crawford College of Art and Design, it takes place on the 8th 9th and 10th September.

Paradox is an autonomous co dependent of ELIA (The European League of the Institute of Arts), it is a forum for artists and tutors directly involved in the delivery of Fine Art Higher Education programmes throughout Europe.

The Keynote Speaker is Lewis Biggs OBE FRSA FLJMU Curator, Writer, Cultural Consultant and for the last ten years Director of the Liverpool Biennial. Lewis will speak on The Permeable Urban Fabric – Visual Artists Reclaim the Street.

Outside In–The Permeable Art School- Aims to explore how the contemporary Art School is no longer an ‘ivory tower’ but an institution
that reaches out and influences the cultural landscape that surrounds it and the means of reciprocity by which society infiltrates and influences the Art School.

Along with the Conference, Paradox is running a student field project for 33 European Fine Art Students called Urban Fabric Cork.

For a week prior to the Conference, students will create site specific ephemeral works in response to selected sites in Cork City. Students from Fine Art Departments in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Turkey, Poland, Holland, Britain, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Belgium will be participate in the project.