Computer-Aided Design & Drafting Careers

Since the first-ever CAD software was introduced to the engineering community in 1982, it has flooded the design and engineering sector. About 20 years ago, CAD tools were regarded as highly specialized tools used mainly for engineering applications. However, with the gradual evolution of CAD softwares, it has become a requisite for a wide range of industries starting from architecture and interior design to aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, and structural engineering industries.

This has opened doors to an array of CAD-related career options for many aspiring engineering graduates. From CAD drafters to animators, CAD students can find many opportunities in this age of technology where they can build a dream career as a CAD specialist. In this article, we will take a look at what jobs are there for such aspirants.

Advantages of CAD Degree

A CAD degree goes far to elevate your position while searching for a job in the field. Even a certification program is capable enough to get you into an entry-level position in the industry where you can use your skills to gain recognition and promotions. They can also improve your salary prospects while searching for a new job after having accumulated enough years of experience.

CAD programs, as we have already seen, are very versatile. This makes them ideal for numerous uses, one most frequent use being in the field of drafting. What drafters do is that they take in data relating to parameters, specifications, tolerances, and sketches from the engineers and researchers and produce a drawing that serves as the visual as well as a technical guide for the laymen or machinists who will ultimately manufacture the product. Thus, drafters are found in almost every manufacturing unit encompassing a wide range of industries, as mentioned above.

CAD & Drafting Careers

A drafter may find his/her career in any of the following fields:

  • Mechanical Drafting
  • Structural or Civil construction Drafting
  • Architectural Drafting
  • Electrical & Electronic circuit Designing, etc.

Options for CAD Designer

Above the post of a CAD drafter is that of a CAD designer. It is a designation earned through years of experience. It is the CAD designers who are responsible for bridging the gap between concept and production. A CAD designer needs to be familiar with the various standards and requirements of the specific industry they are working in. Designers are the industry’s e solo runners, while drafters work in teams and are instructed by either designers or managers. A CAD designer can find his/her career in the following industries:

  • Architecture
  • Industrial and Game Design.
  • Fashion Designing
  • Engineering
  • Interior and Structural Designing

Above the CAD designers are the CAD managers who are generally considered specialists and persons to whom everyone in the industry turns to when things start to go haywire. It is a must for them to retain a deep understanding of the various CAD softwares used in the industry and understand what problems are most common to arise when working with CAD. CAD managers are found in almost every company, no matter what scale it is.

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