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Research Areas

Staff involved in research at CCAD represent a combination of interests within the fields of art, new media, design and education.

Researchers come from a diversity of professional and academic backgrounds such as contemporary fine art practice, art and design history, visual and material culture, new media art, educational technology, and 3D visualisation/animation. There is therefore a range of expertise enabling support for a wide spectrum of postgraduate student research projects within the area of contemporary creative practice, new media, and interactive media technologies focused on communication in education, art & design and entertainment.

As a way of stimulating research in the field of the creative arts CCAD in collaboration with the Research Office offered a grant scheme to potential and existing researchers. Under this scheme grants up to a maximum of 6,000eu were offered for resaerch proposals for the year of 2011. A total of 7 grants were awarded to staff in the school.

A summary of the allocation of these grants is made available below:

Research Grants 2011 – Summary of Allocations
James Hayes
Title of Project: ‘Constructing An Iron Casting Cuppola…’
Amount Awarded: €5000
Helle Helsner
Title of Project: ‘Bronze casting 2500BC- 1200AD using archaeological evidence, the original methods …’
Amount Awarded: €3000
Lucy Dawe-Lane
Title of Project: ‘Investigating how Art Thinks’
Amount Awarded: €4750
Vera Ryan
Title of Project: ‘Movers and Shapers’ – Publication
Amount Awarded: €3000
Paul Green
Title of Project: ‘Postsocial Interactions in Networked Public Art: An investigation of methodologies for evaluating human-object relations in new media’
Amount Awarded: €2800
Louise Foott & Ed Kuczaj
Title of Project: ‘Arts in Group Facilitation’
Amount Awarded: €3200
Evelyn Egan-Rainy & Albert Walsh
Title of Project: ‘The impact of Community Aesthetics and community animators on the settled …’’
Amount Awarded: €3000
News & Activities

The Collaborative European Research Conference (CERC) - 26th-27th of April 2012 Darmstadt Germany.
CERC is the result of a long standing research cooperation between the Institute of Technology Cork, Ireland and the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany. CERC is supporting actively the activities of the EuTec consortium ....
See cerc-conf.eu for further details.


The Wandesford Quay Gallery operates as a showcase and publication space for art and design research activities. The full list of activities at the gallery can be found here.

Research Active Staff

If you are looking to identify a supervisor for your research project get a list of staff actively researching as part of formal research programmes and as part of their professional practice here.

The Crawford College of Art (CCAD) is a constituent school of the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) and creative arts research is supported by CIT through the CCAD.