Student Enterprise Intern

CIT has two Enterprise Interns promoting entrepreneurship amongst the student population. We have access to the Academic Staff, the staff in the Rubicon Centre and the 57 start-up companies based in the Rubicon.

We run a number of competitions during the year and are often the first point of contact for students with business ideas. We initiated the student entrepreneurship society, Idea Hub, and receive on average 10 enquiries a month from students who are looking to start a business.

ECF Programme

I was lucky enough to get to work on an Intensive programme in Entrepreneurship hosted in Oslo. i helped out over the 12 days coordinating different aspects of the programme. The “European Creative Futures” intensive programme aims to bring together learners from different backgrounds in art, design, IT, music, theatre, business and communications, to share experiences and, through inter-disciplinary collaboration, learn about entrepreneurship and innovation through creativity.

Entrepreneur Showcase Events

New Frontiers Showcase in January 2013

I helped out at the launch event of 10 new companies at the inaugural New Frontiers Awards & Showcase, held in CIT. The New Frontiers Programme, funded by Enterprise Ireland, is run in the Rubicon Centre, Ireland’s largest business incubator

Genesis Showcase in March 2012

The Genesis Enterprise Programme is a 12 month rapid incubation programme designed to nurture, support and develop entrepreneurs. The programme has a proven track record of success with start-ups across a number of sectors. 17 emerging companies from the Genesis program showcased their company at the Genesis Showcase event in CIT at Innovation week 2012.  I was part of the organising team for this event,

Enterprise Camp Coordinator

I worked on the week long Enterprise Camp held at Cork Institute of Technology hosted in August 2012.  Aimed at junior cycle secondary students who explored entrepreneurship as a future career during a week-long programme. 25 students were given the opportunity to be creative, work in teams and explore opportunities to ensure that they had a positive experience in a safe and entrepreneurial environment. The week finished with the students presenting their business ideas to entrepreneurs based in the Rubicon, CIT staff and the CIT Enterprise mascot, ‘ACE’.

Website Management

I have been assigned the task of managing the Content management system for various departments in CIT.

Managing the WordPress Site for the European Creative Futures Programme proved to be great experience as it integrated a number of different social media platforms in to the website.

As part of a college assignment I created a webpage in Adobe Dreamweaver using graphics manipulated by Adobe Photoshop.  I have found these skills useful since this assignment while working.

Entrepreneurship Society Chairperson

The Idea hub is a society that provides an inspiring and creative environment to allow students to develop any business ideas they may have. We offer advice and resources to help any potential ideas progress forward through the various business stages.

My role as Chairperson includes the following:

  • To oversee the running of the Club/Society.
  • To be present at all major functions concerning the Club/Society
  • To act as the Club/Societies first representative to external bodies.
  • To attend the Clubs and Societies training sessions.
  • To agree the agenda for each committee meeting with the Secretary and to chair these meetings ensuring that the meeting runs smoothly.
  • To chair the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Exam Invigilator

My role of Invigilator was to assist with the professional and efficient delivery of the institutes examinations arrangements. The main purpose of the Exams Invigilator is therefore to maintain the integrity of the examinations organised by CIT, for sessions assigned by the Examinations and Awards Team, having gained a full understanding of the Examinations Policy and Procedures and to implement them in accordance with the Institutes policy.

Business Development Assistant

I worked as an assistant to the Business Development officer in Bishopstown Credit Union.  As an assistant I supported the business development team while performing mandatory tasks. This included office administrative tasks, such as correspondence and capturing client information, and communicating with management concerning new development ideas.


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