Accelerating Campus Entrepreneurship

Innovation Week Seminar

The ACE (Accelerating Campus Entrepreneurship) programme with the support of the ECSB
(European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship) are rolling out a series of four
workshops nationally to address the issue of implementing the EEE guidelines.

The workshops included:

  • Advice for educators responsible for creating or delivering an enterprise and entrepreneurship curriculum to help students develop enterprising behaviours, attributes and skills and entrepreneurial mindsets and capabilities.
  • Guidance for embedding enterprise and entrepreneurship within any or all subject areas, regardless of where the education is taking place.
  • Evidence of best practice in developing the entrepreneurial eco-system and entrepreneurial education for business and non-business disciplines.
  • Information relating to the proposed entrepreneurship educators programme.


Blog Potential

Behind the scenes of WordPress

I have been Blogging for a number of years now, in my undergraduate business course, various projects in my current course and a personal Blog.  I didn’t really understand the potential of turning  a Blog in to a full website until recently.

We have been going through the details of the background of WordPress recently in the New Media Production module.  This has opened up my eyes to the potential of this media if you are just willing to put the work in to transform it in to a full website.

WordPress Website

Managing  a WordPress Site

I was involved on a project through work in January called the European Creative Futures programme.  In preparation for the programme a number of social media pages were requires to get people interacting before the programme commenced and a Website to organise all of the information.

I set up a Facebook group page and a Twitter page at first to encourage all of the participants to contact each other.  A simple WordPress site was then developed for the page.  The site’s simple design allowed it to become a single area to display direct contact information, information on the programme and its partners and importantly a social media tool bar to allow users to navigate off to the active social pages.

I felt the key to the website for this was simplicity as the social media pages were where the real buzz of activity was.

PR and Media Seminar

Innovation in the world of Media

As part of innovation Week there was a PR and Media seminar held in the Nimbus Centre on Tuesday 5th March 2013.

Rewarding and Award-Winning PR was the title of the first session which focused on the role that professional communications and Public Relations campaigns play in helping organisations achieve their objectives.

All three campaigns were rewarded with Excellence in Public Relations Awards by the Public Relations Consultants Association – the highest industry accolade for public relations campaigns.

Speakers on the day were:

  • Annmarie O’Sullivan, H&A Group – Media Relations campaign for the Queen’s visit to Cork – on behalf of Cork City Council
  • Deirdre Waldron, Fuzion PR – Public Affairs campaign for Dedicated Cystic Fibrosis Facilities at St. Vincent’s Hospital – on behalf of the Cystic Fibrosis Ireland.
  • Irene Gowing, Bord Gais Energy – Digital Media campaign to promote Bord Gais Energy’s sponsorship of the U21 All-Ireland hurling Championship.

The second seminar of the day titled Changing Times: Managing Media in the Digital Era focused on the changing nature of mass media journalism from both the journalist’s and the reader’s perspective.

The panel addressed the challenges facing traditional journalism in the digital age as more and more people, particularly the younger generation, source their news online.

Speakers on the day were:

  • Paschal Sheehy, Southern Editor, RTE News
  • Doreen O’Mahony, Social Media Marketing Advisor at Media Manager
  • Dolan O’Hagan, Executive Editor in charge of digital strategy development and implementation, Irish Examiner

Both sessions were organised by the students studying MA in PR and New Media and MA in Journalism and New Media.

Launch of Innovation Week

Image credit: Neil Danton. © Neil Danton 2013

Innovation Week 2013 was kicked off in style with a launch event on Monday 4th March.  The event began with  a keynote address from Gillian Keating, Vice President of Cork Chamber of Commerce, who announced the first clue for the ‘Find the Robot’ competition that was runs each day of innovation week.




Let’s Find the Robot

Innovation Week Competition

It’s always a challenge to get students involved on a large scale in any activity on campus unless you offer them a very big incentive.  So we made the decision leading up to Innovation week here in CIT to offer the student body a very large incentive.

We secured a prize fund of €500 for the week to inspire students to get involved and learn along the way about some of our enterprise initiatives running here on campus. The find the robot competition ran by the Ideahub Society will reward the lucky winners with €100 each day when they find the robot on campus.

I have to say I am glad I have developed my photoshop skills before the preparation for Innovation week. I have found myself making up a lot of posters and flyers for the array of events throughout the week in order to promote each one effectively.

Innovation hits the CIT Campus

CIT Innovation week- 4th to 8th March

Working in the area of student enterprise here on Campus means that I have a huge level of involvement in the annual CIT Innovation Week.  In my role as a Student Enterprise Intern I help out the organising of the week’s activities.

Each year there is a lot of work involved in the planning all of the activities.  I have involvement in every day in some way.  As chairperson of the Ideahub, CIT’s entrepreneurship society, I am involved in coordinating any activities planned by the society for the week.  This year the Ideahub are running a week long ‘Find the Robot’ competition to get students engaged and interested in the week’s activities.  At the end of the week on Innovation day we are also running the ‘Bright Ideas’ competition to get everyone, staff, students, guests and visiting second level students involved.

Throughout all of the planning for each event I need to constantly promote CIT Innovation Week as an event itself instead of only concentrating on each event individually.  It is growing each year and the media coverage so far is testament to that.



CIT PR and Media Seminar

The popular PR and Media Seminar on CIT’s Innovation week is just around the corner again.  The planning is almost complete by the group of organisers so now we can look forward to the event.

Last years event was a great success with lots of tweeting and engagement throughout the day.  In fact it was the only day that the CIT Innovation Week Hashtag was trending for the week.  I think this shows the benefit of putting a number of media obsessed people in to one room and giving them something interesting to talk about.This years event will be separated in to two events, a PR event in the morning and a journalism event in the afternoon session.  More information on the event can be found here.

Writing Spirit

The Importance of the Written Word

As a student in CIT in the Masters in Public Relations and new Media course and working in CIT also in the role of Student Enterprise Intern I have learned that the ability to write for print or media is essential.

I think that writing can be pretty subjective, one person could love your style and praise all of the publications submitted whereas another could find your particular style; too structured, too humorous, too descriptive.  I think the only way to build up confidence in the area of writing is to keep at it, practice at every opportunity.

Getting to know the styles, likes and dislikes of the people that you are submitting to is important to allow you to meet their expectations and stop them from skimming through your piece or worse, not reading it at all!!

I have submitted a number of articles over the last year and a half through my job and my college course and I have learned that there will always be a need to keep learning in this area.  Times are changing drastically and the way people consume information is changing just as fast, if we don’t adapt to these trends then our voices are surely to get lost in all the clutter.

The PR Campaign Begins

Planning, Planning and more Planning

The daunting task of outlining a full PR campaign for a client has begun.  We have been split in to teams and been given the brief and now we need to break down and analyse what is expected from this project and outline a plan of how to tackle it.

I think that all of these projects that are due to run for a couple of months will always seem unachievable at the beginning so I hope that after the first few weeks when we have an outline down on paper then it will start to come together.

At the moment it seems like a big mountain to climb! Let the Planning Begin!!