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Kevin Ruck’s internal communication predictions for 2013

Kevin Ruck is the founding Director of the PR Academy, a CIPR qualifications centre for communications professionals in the UK. He is editor of ‘Exploring Internal Communication’ first published in 2010.

With employers increasingly permitting the use of personal devices at work, he gives us some interesting predictions for 2013 regarding how employers might reach disconnected employees; see link to his blog here: http://www.exploringinternalcommunication.com/blog/

There are several interesting blogs and links to other blogs on PR and internal communications.



Public Relations and New Media

There are many emerging definitions of what ‘new media’ is and how it can be applied to the practice of Public Relations (PR). It is becoming the preferred term for a range of media practices that employ digital technologies and the computer in some way or another and which are often portable and facilitate mobility in communications (Dewdney & Ride, 2006).

The Cambridge Dictionaries Online define new media as ‘products and services that provide information…using computers or the Internet, and not by traditional methods such as television and newspapers’.

New media applications are enabling more interactive forms of communication. The implications for Public Relations practice are many as we move away from what once was the predominant one-way communication process embedded in the way PR companies engaged, reached or influenced the target audience, its stakeholders or publics.


PR is no longer just about delivering messages but has evolved into a continual conversation between the organisation, its stakeholders, customers, the media and others. “PR has evolved into a dynamic, two-way conversation that reaches far and wide. Suddenly now the audience talks back and it is frequently with a powerful voice with new expectations”. (Marketwire - Nov. 11, 2010)

PR 2.0 is how Public Relations intergrates and interfaces with the new technology. It is how PR uses social media tools such as blogging, viral marketing, social networking and search engine optimization (SEO) to get the message out in meaningful ways.

Lecture One - New Media Production

The introductory lecture is to provide an overview of module content and the time frame in which it will be delivered.

Themes covered in the introductory session included:

  • How to log in using the generic username and password
  • Changing the password to secure the site
  • Explanations of the main page tolls for creating, editing, maintaining and administering posts and pages
  • Create Users with different levels of privileges on the site e,g, Editor, Subscriber etc.
  • Backing Up posts so that they can be restored if necessary