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Activating the Akismet plug-in

Akismet is a plu-in that is primarily used for detecting and deleting SPAM, also known as junk email or unsolicited bulk email.

It is installed as part fo the standard WP installation.

You will need a key (API) in order to activate the plug-in.



Some pointers when creating posts in Word Press

  • When creating a Post i.e. a blog, indexing is used so taht the blog/post can be found easily afterwards.
  • Use Categories and Tags (key words) in order to organise, sort and filter posts.
  • Use the Media Library to build up a store of multi-media items that can be used more than once.
  • Pages appear on the main menu or the front end of your blog. Pages can store static information about yourself whereas blogs tend to change regularly. Blogs encourage interaction and can be pushed out to other Social Media interfaces.
  • Comments can be left open so taht visitors can leave comment or they can be restricted or disabled.
  • Plugins can be used to change how content is delivered. E.g. Role Scoper allows for content-specific restrictions and permissions for reading and editing posts.
  • Themes are templates that are available that automatically arranges your site in an organised way.

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Backing up your Blogs

It is extremly important to regularly back up the content of your WP site so that for whatever reason might cause your data to be lost e.g. in the event of server failure

To do this, go to Tools on the sidebar menu and select ‘Export’

Chose All Content

You shoudl Save the file (.xml) somewhere that you can retrive easily if needed e.g. on your local C: drive of your PC/Tablet etc or on a USB stick.