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Croke Park II - Labour Relations Committee publishes final proposals

The LRC has made its proposal document for Public Sector pay cuts available on its website. The 28 page document outlines the details of the agreement brokered at the Croke Park II talks that reached a conclusion last weekend.

Download LRC doc here: LRC Proposals _FINAL


PR is more than just spin you know!

Do you really know what PR is? Is it just spin? The typical PR professional who works in a fast-paced demanding environment has most likely undertaken professional training and has an academic qualification in corporate communications. I put forward the argument that the PR professional, indeed the PR function can play an important part in helping a business achieve its business goals.

In these times of reduced spending and budget cuts, PR has a golden opportunity to demonstrate its value and impact in an ever more complex and fragmented communications landscape. Whether it is small business or a multi-national, products, brands or services have to win the hearts and minds of customers.

Read full article: Public Relations - it’s more than just spin you know (Des Carroll)



Kevin Ruck’s internal communication predictions for 2013

Kevin Ruck is the founding Director of the PR Academy, a CIPR qualifications centre for communications professionals in the UK. He is editor of ‘Exploring Internal Communication’ first published in 2010.

With employers increasingly permitting the use of personal devices at work, he gives us some interesting predictions for 2013 regarding how employers might reach disconnected employees; see link to his blog here:

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