Ranciere : The ignorant schoolmaster

Ranciere The ignorant schoolmaster

in this text  Jacques Ranciere recounts the story of Joseph Jacotot who is tasked with teaching a group of schoolchildren . The children cannot speak the same laungage as the tutor  .Jacotot selects a text for the children to study , with the help of a translator the children become fluint in French and crucially understand the text and are able to fully grasp its meanings .

the ignorant schoolmaster  illiutrates a number of key concepts

1 knowledge is inate . given the right conditions anybody has the ability to learn .

2 education systems promote elitist  structures which encourage EXPLICATORS  who hold the answers (power) and those who seek knowledge .(powerless) .

“the denunciation of the institution by showing it to be entirely absorbed in the reproduction of unequal social structures ”

The roll of the educator or teacher is to facilitate the individals self seeking for knowledge .Not to drip feed information but to activly encouage the   development ,  ability and skills to  aquire  self knowledge .

Studio Practice maap 2017

studio practice . development LADDER theme

 Here are some of the images I have been working on , the themes being developed are the LADDER , WOUNDS and HISTORY… more images will manifest , some which are in process are scissors , toilet rolls , bank notes,  plugs , wires and the use of text.

MA A+P notebook