Spring Semester Assessment MAAP 2017

In considering the development of my practice based research this spring semester i feel that i worked reasonably hard . Due to time constraints of bus travel  and family commitments  i have to admit that my practice suffered to some degree , that being said i feel that i engaged with the process and developed visual themes , edited , and worked through ideas .

The situations component  has been very exciting and informative , discovering Foucault, de Certeau and other texts has informed my work .   The Ladder structures that developed in my drawings are certainly influenced by the texts  we have read and discussed  as a group . The image of a fragile disintegrating  structure  projecting up  into space from  which one looks back  down  toward a distant past is perhaps a metaphor for my present situation .

A further visual  development took  place when i started to focus on objects that have a restrictive quality .Bulldog clips , clothes pegs and bindings began to appear followed by images of damaged partly mutilated hands and digits nailed or bound to the ladder structures .

i intend  to continue to develop a personalized visual language during the summer semester . My practice is grounded in the act of drawing as inquiry. My thinking process is manifest in my drawing . Reflecting on the drawings moves  me forward towards unrealized images, which become manifest in further drawing practice . And so on .


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