Jeff Koons (1955- ) the kitsch  products of consumer culture are elevated to the spectacle of high art .Using  factory production method’s manufacture standards are applied to the production of elitist commodity art pieces for consumption by private collectors and internationally recognised museums .     Koons develops a concept..  selects the object… ..decides on the scale and materials , colour schemes,  sprayed or painted and oversees the projects , he is the project manager  . He also manages the” idea” of the artist Jeff Koons , the Brand ..the  public relations  media logo , just like the corporate world he emulates,  the carefully constructed  rhetoric  indorses the mystique  of the object …. think Gucci , high end, blue chip , lear jets . His work reflects the soulless  shallow kitsch concerns of a consumer culture , its empty because its supposed to be , it mirrors the vacuum within post industrial  capitalist society. There is no “false consciousness” to awaken from, because the work champions  the consumer culture that he appropriates from,  is celebrated and endorsed … a glittering  , cosmetic ,charming   void.     Koon’s operates in the conceptual space that has been” cleared” for him by post modern art critics who’s preoccupations with what an artist should be and how art should be produced and which subject matter should be addressed. He is the embodiment of the twenty-first century western  artist an objective detached conductor , the offspring of Warhol and Duchamp , and they “art critics” hate him for it ! Art critics deconstructed the narrative of the artist and developed a set of criteria with which to validate their ideas of what art could or should be . By closely adhering to the guidelines of a  disinterested agent  and staying within the conceptual model of  thinking , selecting , production and marketing Koon’s has managed to achieve international  recognition  he is a very astute creative  businessman who  followed the instructions on what NOT to do . There’s no preaching or passion no strife or struggle its all surface,  a beautiful ,comfortable, slick  excessive luxury …made in heaven …


question of the .. what and who and how art should be produced .the WHAT , what constitutes art anyway ?  where do the boundaries lie ? how far can the envelope be pushed ? should art produced not reference the products of everyday culture ?

the WHO , who makes art , should it be a skill based activity , should artists “make” art with their hands . alternatively a “hands  off” approach may be employed where the artist manager makes creative conceptual decisions , designates and delegates to a group of technicians or staff who produce the art product ..a creative director , a manager of labour

the How . should  art reflect the economic industrial corporate world in which we live in the west ?  the means of production of an art piece should reflect the means and methods of an industrial  consumer culture and  its    economic middle class of managerial business  practices . the art product is produced to the highest standards , precision, high-tech , quality control , exclusive materials  .consistency

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