Vonnegut. Here is a lesson in creative writing

Kurt Vonnegut 1922-2007

author -Slaughter House 5  .( world war two DRESDEN and  time travel )

Humour , inventive,  subtle , insightful

a simple graph  system  is used to compare and  contrast a range of diverse texts such as  Cinderella Kafka ,Shakespeare …the narrative structures are  playfully deconstructed to illustrate  the Highs and Lows of the main protagonists featured in the stories

What appears to be a simple humorous playful story  game ? is perhaps an very insightful critique of Deconstruction or Reduction . Using a simple  disassembling technique and breaking a  narrative down  into some very basic elements and contrasting the texts, one is left with a number of simple charts which plot the path of each  story . The consequence being that all significant meaning within the texts are lost in  a reductive process ….. or maybe its merely a humorously creative  indulgence …its funny .


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