Museums on the move

museums , galleries as locations for cultural artefacts , commodities which we partake or consume .

Curators in the 1960s had a desire to “rupture” the conventional High Art spaces and  unfold , open and expand its functions …to explore the idea of what an art space could be …rooftops, open air ,events Happenings , playgrounds ..a conceptual laboratory

Furthermore the Shift from what we expect of art as specialist products… to a more ” spectacle” based   community led /involvement reflected the cultural changes taking place in western society at that time …the counter culture , social mobility , an outpouring of expression in the arts ..a period of experimentation a testing of boundaries

The Curator as creative  manager , conductor , active agent who uses art products to illustrate a concept or explore specific cultural phenomena

the use of alternative media … re -appropriation of scientific , economic ,political , technical systems and practices  and  “reframing” these activities and sites specific spaces …. toward a  non conventional  interpretation

Simulacra = Disneyland =the gulf war did not take place….it was a media construct , edited , constructed and “consumed” by the public. We exist in a virtual world a  construct …a collage of media   images ,signs, symbols signifiers     Jean Baudrillard

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