Michel Foucault Panopticism


The development of an architectual   system which controls space . Control of space where individuals are kept under total surveillance .

the subjects are never sure if they are being observed or not …which results in subjects that monitor their own behaviors

Permanent visibility  . Invisible observation . controlled physical space . Exclusion , inclusion knowledge power .


power structures and systems that exist within the fabric of society but remain hidden

Foucault . historian,  sociologist,  philosopher  ,activist

Foucault set himself the task of digging into the past to understand where we are now . he EXCAVATED , using historic texts he illustrated /demonstrated that how we understand who we are and how  the social structures in which we dwell are historical  narratives created by self interested Hierarchies or organisations .

(How our idea that the present is a better place for the individual in contrast to the past . How the individual of the past may have experienced a greater degree of personal liberty)

How these  Hierarchal instituations  exert their will over the individual subject.  His detailed research into the medical instituations ,prisons and organisations showed that the systemisation , classification and scientific methods adoped have de humanised the individual . Freedom and individual liberties have been eroded . We have become a collection of data , stastics and prescribed identikit protobeings .That institutions , organisations and systems have   inherent structual qualities which de humanise , exclude , codify and control . knowledge  /power relationship.

Above all Foucault was an uncompromising champion for individual LIBERTY . reluctant to proscribe political  solutions or lead movements he believed that individual  exsitance should be a creative act . He lived and died that way .

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