DeCerteau walking in the city

DeCerteau social science ,psychology   , FREUD. poetry

DeCerteau had a profound influence on developeing  models for social scientists in understanding  the human “subject” in relation to systems and the spaces occupied and how  each operated in specific modes .


From the twin towers new york looking down at the city from a gods eye view all is present , the stuctures and multiple systems are observed in a poetic laungage .the reader is encouraged to consider the vista that is a modern 20 centary city . Below on the streets ,sidewalks ,highways ,roads shops and commercial buildings the citenzens navigate their own personalised experienced of walking in the city . A subjective  personal journey , engaged in  a discourse with the fabric materality .moving in and through between stuctures .They can not SEE all , a limited viewpoint .

STRATEGY . Those systems which control physical space. Have structure .and move out to encroach into other spaces .an investment in long term aims ,planning .Buildings ,companies ,organisations institutions .MAPs of the occupied space .

TACTICS . Those Beings that do not control space . They navigate between the spaces occupied by Strategists .Tacticians are characterised by moving between systems .They are ” opportunists ” reacting to events , mobile agile .Not fixed


Authors Write books they have investment in the material  itself and how the novel is sold and where and by who. Copyright etc

TACTICS : Are readers , they access the resource which is the novel .They are free to read , interpet the text in any way they see fit ,may throw the text away .

Strategy : casinos, betting shops , owned space , equipment , terminals , information .

Tacticians : gamblers  , they use the space… move into,. out of. access the equipment . may play at tables , place bets and then move on . not fixed .

Michel Foucault Panopticism


The development of an architectual   system which controls space . Control of space where individuals are kept under total surveillance .

the subjects are never sure if they are being observed or not …which results in subjects that monitor their own behaviors

Permanent visibility  . Invisible observation . controlled physical space . Exclusion , inclusion knowledge power .


power structures and systems that exist within the fabric of society but remain hidden

Foucault . historian,  sociologist,  philosopher  ,activist

Foucault set himself the task of digging into the past to understand where we are now . he EXCAVATED , using historic texts he illustrated /demonstrated that how we understand who we are and how  the social structures in which we dwell are historical  narratives created by self interested Hierarchies or organisations .

(How our idea that the present is a better place for the individual in contrast to the past . How the individual of the past may have experienced a greater degree of personal liberty)

How these  Hierarchal instituations  exert their will over the individual subject.  His detailed research into the medical instituations ,prisons and organisations showed that the systemisation , classification and scientific methods adoped have de humanised the individual . Freedom and individual liberties have been eroded . We have become a collection of data , stastics and prescribed identikit protobeings .That institutions , organisations and systems have   inherent structual qualities which de humanise , exclude , codify and control . knowledge  /power relationship.

Above all Foucault was an uncompromising champion for individual LIBERTY . reluctant to proscribe political  solutions or lead movements he believed that individual  exsitance should be a creative act . He lived and died that way .